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Here are some common questions that are asked. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Q1. What should I bring?

— Plan to bring items that you would bring if you were moving into a fully furnished house. Things like your phone/computer/tablet, clothing, personal care products, laundry detergent, razors, ext. should be brought. We provide pillows, towels, blankets, and bedding... however feel free to bring your own as well. ​

Q2. What is the price of your program?

— The price of our program is $500 bi-weekly or $1000 a month. There is also a $200 one-time intake fee.​


Q3. Can my children live with me?

— Children are allowed to visit the house but may not spend the night outside of extraordinary situations.​

Q4. How long can I stay at Serenity Falls, do you have to stay for a certain amount of time?

— You're welcome to stay at Serenity Falls for as long as you'd like. We've built a community that makes many women want to stay for the long haul, however, we understand that everyone's situation is different. There is no required sign-on period but we do ask for at least a 30-day commitment. ​

Q5. What if I use... will I have to leave?

At Serenity Falls we have a no-tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use. Our entire culture is centered around providing a safe and sober place for women to live and grow. With that said, relapse is part of recovery. Our policy in a relapse situation is to have you leave the house until you have been fully detoxed. You may then re-enter the house depending on a vote by the rest of the house members.​

Q6. What medications are allowed?

I'm a nurse with an extensive background in pharmacology and addiction medicine. Our policy is that if a medication is prescribed by a doctor who is aware of your addiction or alcoholism then it is approved. Any medication that is considered a controlled medication must be kept in a separate locked safe that is governed by the house manager. These medications will be given out in 7-day increments.

We are a Pro-Suboxone Facility.​

Q7. Can I bring my vehicle?

— Of course! As long as you provide proof of insurance, license, and registration anyone may bring their vehicle. We have a 3-car garage that is given out based on house seniority.​

Q8. Can I have people over at the house?

— Yes. You may bring guests over with the house manager's approval. However, no one will be able to stay overnight.​

Q9. Can I leave the house to visit my children/family/friends/boyfriend overnight?

— Yes. However, during the first 30 days of our program, you will be in Phase 1 where there are no overnights allowed. Following this for months 2-4, you will be in Phase 2 where you may have 2 overnights a week. And after month 4 you may have multiple overnights a week.​

Any other questions? Please feel free to reach out and ask!

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