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3 Reasons Sober Livings are Great for Women Under 30

If you’re struggling with an addiction, whether it’s alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs, you know the damage that it can cause within every aspect of your life.

At 30 or under, you might not think much of it. After all, you might think these are your partying years, or that you have plenty of time later to handle the situation.

In reality, this is the best time to treat your addiction and regain control over your life.

As you get older, it’s only going to be more difficult, and the symptoms of your addiction will have more profound and unrepairable effects on your life.

Luckily, there are Sober Living homes that are absolutely perfect for helping you treat your addiction in a way that isn’t as somber or prison-like as a rehabilitation center or other common treatment facilities.

Sober Living homes are great for young women. If you’re a little on the fence, here are three reasons you should consider one.

1: Home-Like Environment

For many young women, rehabilitation seems like a non-option due to how official it is. It's like living in a hospital environment for some people, and that can cause homesickness and stress that complicates the healing process.

A sober living home is much different. It’s an actual home with all the aspects of a normal home life that you’d expect.

There’s a living room, bedrooms, normal kitchens, a backyard, and normal bathroom commodities you’d find in your own house. This normal home environment can do wonders for your psyche as you’re trying to recover, and it’s a lot easier to deal with than a traditional institution.

The only twist is that Sober Living homes are communal spaces. You’ll live with other women suffering from addiction, and you’ll share many of the same spaces. That doesn’t mean privacy is entirely gone, but don’t expect to hog the television to yourself.

2: Constant Like-Minded Support

In a rehabilitation center, you get access to counselor visits and group sessions regularly, and you can find peer-oriented support in between those things, but you and your peers are much closer in a Sober Living home.

In Sober Living, you are actually living with other women your age who understand what you’re going through. You cook meals together, clean the house together, and you’re each other's first source of companionship on a day-to-day basis.

While your priority should be your treatment program, this close-knit group of peers will undoubtedly lead to some amazing friendships and plenty of support; not just from your counselors and trained professionals, but from women who are going through the same problems and understand what you're going through.

3: A Structured Environment

Having a structured, well-organized, environment is a key part of nearly all effective treatment programs, and Sober Living homes provide that. You don't just go on a vacation and live with a handful of other women. You have to chip in, and you're expected to contribute to the household n by tackling standard household chores on a scheduled basis.

This structured lifestyle is key to getting better, and unlike some of the less personally fruitful tasks you’ll do with other treatment plans, you’ll be caring for your environment and personally benefitting from every effort. That helps keep you on track.

Consider Sober Living to Treat Your Addiction

If you're suffering from addiction, rehab or prison aren't your only options, and simply letting it go because you're young certainly isn't a good decision.

Sober Living can offer you a home-like environment with meaningful support and a structured lifestyle. Don’t let your addiction get the best of you; join a Sober Living home, today.

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