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4 Things You Will Need to Bring to Sober Living

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So, you're ready to take a huge step and move into a Sober Living house to kick your addiction and reclaim your life? Congratulations, and best of luck to you on your new exciting journey.

However, Livingthere's one thing you need to think about before you head out the door and show up for your first day of Sober Living: What do you need to bring?

Sober isn't Living nearly as isolated and locked down as some other rehabilitation options, and Living afforded a couple of fun things that you can bring in. Plus, Sober Living doesn't provide everything, and you will need to get a few basics.

Here are the four things you need to bring to Sober Living

1: Toiletries

Sober Living homes will likely provide toilet paper, but beyond that, you're going to want to bring all the hygiene products you rely on every day. This includes toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and scent products you wear, feminine hygiene products, and other little things we all take for granted sometimes. If you don't, you'll don't probably have a rough time getting by.

Also, make sure to ask if it's possible to resupply these things. You don't want to pack too little and then end up having an extended stay.

2: Clothing

Sober you're will not provide clothing items for you, and you'll have to bring your own. Luckily, laundry facilities are available for you to wash your clothes. So, you don't need to pack enough pairs of clean clothes for every day you're there. You should bring at least a week's worth of clothing to get you between wash days, though.

Also, don't forget that most Sober Living stays last for multiple seasons. Make sure you pack comfortable clothes for cold and warm weather to ensure you're not stuck wearing a sweater in the summer or a tank top in the late fall.

3: Personal Items

Do you have a photo of your kids, a journal you write in, or maybe some religious items you want to bring with you? Fortunately, that's not a problem. Sober doesn't allow every guest to get personal items, and we highly recommend taking advantage of that.

Sober you're living is a great opportunity and very home-like, but you'll still be away from your family and living a completely different life than what you're used to. Having personal items can help you keep your sanity, relieve stress, or make you remember why you're going through this process.

4: Electronic Items

Unlike most other rehabilitation establishments, Serenity Fall sober living lets you bring personal electronics. You might be able to obtain a smartphone, tablet, or similar portable electronic; However, every house has its own set of rules, and you should ask which electronics are permitted and which ones are not before you start packing these items.

These items can be great entertainment in your free time, a way to keep up with your family or pursue something new such as writing while you're going through the treatment process.

Bring What You Can and Plan Ahead

These are general guidelines, but every Sober Living home will have different restrictions that you have to abide by. These restrictions are typically extremely reasonable, such as not bringing dangerous items. However, you still want to ask a representative for a complete list of limitations before you pack your bags.

Remember that your stay might be a relatively long one with that in mind. Plan and consider what you need to avoid missing those things a few weeks into your stay.

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