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Recovery Meds! Campral: Help stop alcohol cravings!

Updated: May 1

There are currently drugs identified as MAT (Medication assisted treatment) medications that have been shown to dramatically improve recovery rates. I want to start listing some info on these drugs in a digestible way for people in recovery both inside and outside of Sober Livings. Our first medication is Campral.

Campral: Campral is a brand name of a drug Acamprosate, which is used to treat alcohol abuse or alcoholism. It is administered in doses of two 333 mg tablets, three times per day. It takes almost 5-7 days for its steady state concentration in a body--which is a fancy way of saying that it takes 5-7 days for it to be effective, because of the dosing it's important to not miss a dose. Side Effects? Yes. Sweating, insomnia, loss of appetite and diarrhea (after the use of first week). Suicidal ideation and allergy are serious but rare side effects.

Benefits of Campral

- Campral reduces the cravings for alcohol

-Campral may reduce the post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS); i.e. sweating, anxiety and sleep disturbances, as well as physical and emotional discomfort. These are some of the most common complaints we hear about in sober livings.

Other Info!

- Campral is not addictive itself and can be stopped immediately without tapering the doses.

- Campral is safe to use with alcohol or benzodiazepine and can be used during active alcoholism.

- It is not hard on the liver which can be important with chronic alcoholics.

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